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How to Measure your Puppy : Size Guide for Dog Collars

(In 3 easy steps)

measure your dog

  1. 1. Gather Materials: You can either use a tape measure or our handy Printable Ruler with the sizes for the collars already added to the ruler.
  2. 2. Action!: Collar or Bowtie : Measure the neck close to the shoulder (Look at A in the dog image). Harness:   Measure all the way around the widest part their body. Usually this is behind his/her front legs (Look at B in the dog image).
  3. 3. Get Size: Now you've got your dog's correct neck or girth measurement. Check the chart below to get their Collar or Harness Size. PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY EXTRA inches to the ACTUAL measurement . Our chart already accommodates for a comfortable fit.
Collars or Bowties Harnesses
Size Neck Measurement Girth Measurement
XXS 6-7 n/a
XS 7-8 9-13
S 8-10 14-16
M 11-13 17-20

If you your dog is between sizes or is a growing puppy, always get the bigger size.

Told ya it was easy. Thank you for measuring!